Thursday, March 17, 2011

st st & th th !!!

My sad little rant
I have a knee operation which didn't go as plan and they put me in a brace
Okay I can hang you know but yesterday I wore my favorite pair of jeans and noticed when I sat down their was a little like tug in them on my right leg like inside thigh and then I noticed they were catching on my huge fucking brace so of I course I was worried I'd rip them so when I was switching I looked through all my pants and all had seemed to be ok except these jeans so this morning I put on my favorite sweat pants and proceeded to pt and what do I find when I get home? 3 holes 3?? Like for real fuckk They're not big or noticeable but still I know they're there and it makes me so mad Stupid fucking brace
Anyways I've been thinking of buying some cheep ugly pants so if they rip it'd be ok but instead I've decided not to buy new pants and if they rip they rip (although I'm trying to be kind of careful don't want to look trashy with all my pants having one big hole on the thigh)
The plan is to waiting until I loose weight and then treat myself to new favorite pants
I'm excited I love new things Again I can't wait to get where I'm going!!

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