Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I want to be thin
I need to be thin
He'd want me to be thin
Currently have a knee issue and am on crutches since I had surgery not too long ago so have pt 3 times a week which now that i can bend 90 degrees I'm on the bike and I work it hard so the cals are shedding but it's hard to find a lot I can do with a fucked knee
Anyways I noticed I was losing some weight which is wonderful since I let myself get out of control
First I was too thin and now I'm too heavy and I'd much rather be too thin so we start again (: I'm excited I want to be pretty again I can't wait to feel my beautiful bones again I can't believe I let myself become such a pig Too many binges and no purging
Thinspo and updates are the goal
Join with me!!! Don't leave me on this journey alone!! We can all achieve skinniness!!!

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